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    Aqualectra N.V.
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    Business Automation
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    Web & Handheld
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The Aqualectra Chapter

A user-friendly application that transforms business decision-making.

Challenges and More

From the beginning, we understood the importance of data to Aqualectra, a Curacao based electricity generation company. Its central control station team monitors the electricity generated from various sources on a 24 X 7 basis and reports this information along with any deviations to the senior management and operations staff on an hourly basis.

We knew the data was susceptible to errors at the time, so we envisioned a UI - simple and straightforward - for the non-tech savvy operators. To pack the data with more value, we incorporated a customizable and reconfigurable alert based on threshold changes.

While the app captures the electricity production information enabling operators to focus on other daunting tasks, it also essentially provides an automated solution for alerting the stakeholders.

The Grand Tour

We created a simple and user-friendly UI to mimic the excel sheet. A fully configured alert builder and email and SMS were also integrated. This data is now available to them for further analysis, trend reporting and forecast – ready for the future of energy.


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